Evadot Podcast #30 – NextGiantLeap

Joining Michael today is Bobby Cohanim from the Google Lunar X PRIZE team Next Giant Leap. (psst, they have a great video on their site) Bobby works for Draper, a partner to the team on their hopper. They work with MIT on the effort; both undergrad and grad students are working on the program, and... Continue Reading →

Hey NASA, let us tell your story

The topic of the week seems to be Open Government. Fantastic! NASA is open by design, and the public support is vital because it's the public that pays for their projects. Contrast this to private industries where public support is not important.  Let's say I have a new product idea and I develop a prototype... Continue Reading →

The Spiral Lander pushes some boundaries

The Lunar X-Prize site is featuring a design idea by the Selene team which really pushes on traditional thoughts about what landers might look like and how they work: We are now pursuing a new lunar rover concept which involves deploying a rover that hovers above the lunar surface once the lander is secure on... Continue Reading →

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