Evadot Podcast #33 – SpaceUp DC, the aftermath

Joining Michael today is a great group of SpaceUp DC participants.  Michael called them "attendees" in the beginning which isn't correct.  There are only participants at SpaceUp. These 4 people are some of the true leaders in Space exploration. Jen Scheer Tim Bailey Aleya Littleton Ben Higginbotham We chat about SpaceUp DC, Washington DC's first... Continue Reading →

What the $*@& happened to Space?

My favorite television show has nothing at all to do with Space. It's about a bunch of everyday, hard working men who work and live on crab fishing boats off the coast of Alaska for nine months out of a year. This year on Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel) one of my favorite fisherman covered by... Continue Reading →

Space IS boring: a new kind of hero

I had the pleasure of being a participant at @spaceupconf this weekend.  It was the best conference I've EVER been to. Ever. My only regret is that I didn't bring my entire family.  It was that good. There were 16 Ignite talks on Saturday night.   All of them excellent. Unfortunately the first 7 didn't... Continue Reading →

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