Evadot Podcast #41 – Moonbots team Moonwalk

We often hear adults complain: "this generation of kids is lazy, they can't think for themselves unless it involves video games". A team of 4 who took THIRD PLACE out of hundreds of competitors in the Google Lunar X PRIZE Lego Mindstorms Challenge! The future leaders in space and science are right here. Email podcast@evadot.com or leave... Continue Reading →

Evadot Podcast #32 – Pulse Project

Colin Murphy, the Founder of Pulse Project,  joins Michael from the UK to talk about how science really is cool.  He points out that the more famous people have been easier to reach for his program than the more obscure ones.  Food for thought. Follow them on twitter at @pulseproject Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment... Continue Reading →

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