Evadot Podcast #53 – The X PRIZE factor

Guests: William Pomerantz and Amanda Stiles Will Pomerantz was our very first podcast guest on this show and is back with the lovely Amanda Stiles to chat about the registration for the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition winding down, and the competition heating up. Hosts: Michael Doornbos Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us know... Continue Reading →

Evadot Podcast #52 – A Jet for you and a @jetforme

Guests: Rick Mann Twitter: @jetforme Technologist, space nut, and author of the iPhone app MissionClock joins us to discuss all things exploration.  Plus we nerd out on Sparkfun 🙂 Hosts: Michael Doornbos, Haley Stephenson Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. Subscribe to the Evadot Podcast via iTunes and all other podcast... Continue Reading →

The Shackles of Apollo

The future of human spaceflight is in flux. Our current situation has left many wondering: “What happened to the days of Apollo?” There is some clamor for a similar grand-scale government project that would take us back to the Moon or to Mars in just a handful of years.  Apollo was an astounding achievement. A... Continue Reading →

Evadot Podcast #47 – Open space with FREDNET

Guest: Fred Bourgeois Organization: Team FREDNET Twitter: @TeamFREDNET We get an update from Fred on their progress since we spoke last year.  Fred talks about challenges of being an open international team, openness in a competition, and the joy of doing what you love. Host: Michael Doornbos Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us... Continue Reading →

What other space data could be for sale?

A major challenge to a viable commercial space exploration industry is connecting paying customers with providers of things worth paying for.  For the first time in history, we have a number of commercial opportunites emerging: Launch Services Suborbital Space Flight Rides Cubsesat services Inflatable Space Stations Lunar Exploration And now thanks to the Innovative Lunar... Continue Reading →

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