The Shackles of Apollo

The future of human spaceflight is in flux. Our current situation has left many wondering: “What happened to the days of Apollo?” There is some clamor for a similar grand-scale government project that would take us back to the Moon or to Mars in just a handful of years.  Apollo was an astounding achievement. A... Continue Reading →

Giving NASA a chance

Human spaceflight is a project for all of humanity and we're going to introduce more international perspective.  Since Evadot is in the United States, we've asked Ricardo J. Tohmé  (from Argentina), Editor of to give us his point of veiw on the NASA program as it stands today. What seemed to be a never-ending... Continue Reading →

Why are you sitting on your butt when you could be sitting on a giant, jet propelled bomb, slamming your face into your ears, blasting your insignificant little body beyond our atmosphere?

This was originally written for the Google Lunar XPRIZE team Part Time Scientists as "Why we are a Google Lunar XPRIZE Team".  There should be a version in German soon. The first 50 years of human spaceflight were marked by explosive growth, culminating with 12 men exploring the surface of the moon, followed by 40... Continue Reading →

Mind the gap

You've probably heard that NASA is moving on from the Shuttle program. You may have also heard that they've spent most of 2009 coming to the realization that the plans to follow up the program with a system capable of getting us to the moon and beyond is not going well. We're on track to... Continue Reading →

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