Evadot Podcast #58 – Full Speed Ahead with Part Time Scientists

Guests: Robert Bohme, Sebastian Rattay, Karsten Becker Website: Part-Time-Scientists.com Twitter: @PTScientists Facebook: Facebook.com/PartTimeScientists The Part Time Scientists, a Google Lunar X PRIZE Team are not deterred by several of the US based teams securing "funding" from NASA (not really funding, we clarify this during our discussion).  They've got a plan of their own and gaining... Continue Reading →

Interview with Neda G. Ansari

Since starting this site, I've had the opportunity to meet some unbelievable people.  Neda G. Ansari is one of those amazing people that  you can't help but loving.  She is an active member of the Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Synergy Moon. I caught up with her last week via this email interview. Michael: Tell... Continue Reading →

Google Lunar X PRIZE Proposed Landing Sites

Dr Philip J. Stooke of The University of Western Ontario has put together a cool proposed landing site map based on published data from the Google Lunar X Prize Teams.  We will be updating this as the public information gets updated. Check it out here! Got a cool idea for a visualization? Email editor@evadot.com!

iPhone, Android space: Point and see

This is a guest post from Kentucky Space. Follow them: @KySpace or via their Facebook page. As the guy responsible for social media at Kentucky Space, I've long been interested in media-and-space, and enjoy using the new social tools and iPhone and Android-based phone applications that make the vacuum just a little more accessible. For example, follow @twisst... Continue Reading →

Evadot Podcast #53 – The X PRIZE factor

Guests: William Pomerantz and Amanda Stiles Will Pomerantz was our very first podcast guest on this show and is back with the lovely Amanda Stiles to chat about the registration for the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition winding down, and the competition heating up. Hosts: Michael Doornbos Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us know... Continue Reading →

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