Evadot Podcast #14 – A chat with Marcus Chown

Marcus Chown(@marcuschown) is a British Book author who's works have appeared all over the world.  From science fiction books to childrens books, to science books about Cosmology and Quantum theory. We chat about: The Theory of EverythingCan I fit 1 followed by 120 zeros on a notebook page?Bringing complicated concepts to the average personScience is... Continue Reading →

Finally decent marketing for a NASA mission

There is an upcoming STS-125 Space Shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope.  It's next week, but there's a good chance the average person has no idea. NASA has a history of making something really cool seem terribly boring and finally someone got the right idea.  Space.com is showing a "teaser trailer" of the... Continue Reading →

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