FAA Adding new Weather Features over ADS-B

One of the best things about ADS-B besides the location of other aircraft in your cockpit is the weather data. Starting this month, the FAA is adding new services to the FIS-B Broadcasts: Lightning Turbulence Icing Cloud Tops Graphical AIRMET Center Weather Advisory Assuming your software supports this (check with you manufacturer), you don't have... Continue Reading →

Avionics should be exciting. And boring.

It's vital that an Avionics product be two things. Both exciting and boring. Exciting in that it makes you a better, safer pilot. Makes things easier for you. Helps with the flow, and takes care of things for you. It should be upgradable in the field and able to incorporate new technologies as they come... Continue Reading →

For the Oshkosh Newb, part 2

So you’re the spouse of a pilot and you’re headed to Oshkosh for the first time. ME TOO! Well, I mean I was. That is, I'm still a spouse of a pilot. Michael and I are still married. But last year was my first time. First time at AirVenture, I mean. Not the first time... Continue Reading →

Oshkosh From a Newb’s Eye View

  I have been to AirVenture in Oshkosh one whole times- which makes me a veteran and an expert, so get ready for some super helpful advice, everybody! (HAHAHA) If you’ve never been to Oshkosh, and like myself are the wife (or husband) of a plane nerd aeronautics aficionado and have been wrangled into joining said... Continue Reading →

ForeFlight 10 Airspace

I'm loving the airspace addition to the profile view. A nice addition to this would be an optional warning popup that you approaching a B,C or D class airspace. They already have this feature for TFRs and I think it would be a feature I'd enable and use. Need to do more flying with ForeFlight... Continue Reading →

Get ready for AirVenture 2018

Last year I experienced AirVenture for the first time. You’d think as a Chicago native and all around lifetime aviation nut I would have made it up there in the 41 years prior. Well, my wife and I made the trek from North Carolina and decided after one visit that it will now be a... Continue Reading →

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