How to be a guest on the podcast

The Goal:

Tell good stories that you’d want to listen to. We’re not looking for a scoop or anything like that. The whole show is about talking about positive and cool things. That’s it. No hidden agenda.


  1. The interview will be via Skype and audio only (for now). You will get a call from evadot_com at the interview time.
  2. You do not need a professional audio/video setup  (of course if you do, congratulations – it should work even better). But if you don’t, you’ll need:
    1. USB headset:  Something like a Plantronics .audio 655 USB Headset. They run about US$30. You can use a bluetooth system, but wired is more reliable. Something like the Sennheiser PC 7 also works well. Have a gaming headset (check with your neighborhood teenager)? They work GREAT for this!
    2. Please do not use the built-in laptop microphone if at all possible. This is only for use if we have exhausted all other options.
    3. Borrow a headset if you have to, it really makes a difference.  Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Clarity will help them pay attention to what you say. And we want them to pay attention to you.
    4. Test your setup. Do a skype call with a friend or even us. You’ll be glad to know everything is working ahead of time so you can concentrate on having fun.

Guest rules:

  1. Have fun! This is conversational and humor is welcome.
  2. Stay focused, stay engaged… no multitasking
  3. Sound is important. Control background noise, fans, crowds, driving, typing… please be in a quiet place.
  4. Try to speak clearly and at an easy pace.

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