iPhone, Android space: Point and see

This is a guest post from Kentucky Space. Follow them: @KySpace or via their Facebook page. As the guy responsible for social media at Kentucky Space, I've long been interested in media-and-space, and enjoy using the new social tools and iPhone and Android-based phone applications that make the vacuum just a little more accessible. For example, follow @twisst... Continue Reading →

What if

What if: We had not landed on the moon in 1969, but given up after the fire on Apollo 11? We had skipped the space shuttle and built a moon base? A Mars Base? President Kennedy had not decisively called us to action in 1962 to go to the moon? We never invented Tang? (which... Continue Reading →

Secondhand smoke isn’t always bad for you

In elementary school, you were probably taught that photosynthesis is the basis of maintaining life on Earth. The sun shines on green plants. Those plants suck up the sun and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and grow, "exhaling" oxygen. Animal life then eats those plants and inhales that oxygen for its own survival. Some of... Continue Reading →

Star Trek’s warp drive: Not impossible

This has been widely twittered in the last 24 hours but is worth mentioning.  Space.com has an interesting video on the possibility of a warp drive and how it might work. View the video here. Marc Millis, former head of NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project, explains how physicists approach the intriguing possibility of faster-than-light travel.... Continue Reading →

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