How to stay motivated on a long term project

On the live webcast with Ryan last week, someone asked "How do you stay motivated?" You can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic. Stephen C. Hogan It's an important question that I fumbled a little on camera. Turns out you can’t edit your thoughts when speaking in a live broadcast.... Continue Reading →

Kids are bored with Aviation

Last fall, I was part of an event at a local high school at a small rural airport. For some reason I woke up thinking about this event this morning. Because it bothered me and still does. What I got from doing a high school event on general aviation is aviation seems untouchable, even while they're... Continue Reading →

Are there enough ghosts in your closet?

I watched the Google I/O keynote this week and was not surprised to see people complain about projects that Google has touted in the past which are now abandoned.  Google Wave, Google Buzz, Reader (I still miss Reader), the Nexus Q, etc. But there are some really cool things that are coming out of the... Continue Reading →

Why not?

In case you haven't noticed, I backed away from space exploration writing and podcasting for more or less 2 years now. I found myself getting bogged down in bad politics, disappointing announcements and overall negativity. I spent all my time asking "why?". When trying to do something that's really really hard like create a private... Continue Reading →

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