Evadot Podcast #96 – Your DNA on the Moon

Guest: Ruben Nunez Ruben, the team leader of Google Lunar X PRIZE team Omega Envoy joins us to talk about progress they are making, their Kickstater project, and other cool stuff. Also, there's a 5 gallon bucket of Duck sauce.  Just because. Host: Michael Doornbos Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. Subscribe... Continue Reading →

FIREFLY: Your DIY exploration platform

We've partnered with Kentucky Space to bring you a flexible DIY exploration platform. It's available for pre-order now! Firefly is a flexible-use fully assembled board that can serve as the basis for the brains, fuel, and voice for many different applications including: high-altitude balloons suborbital flights CubeSat class satellites small payloads for the International Space... Continue Reading →

Evadot Podcast #94 – MAKERFAIRE NC

Guest: Jonathan Danforth There are MAKERS in North Carolina, for real! Join many of them on June 16 in Raleigh NC for MAKERFAIRE, NC! Every year at Maker Faire North Carolina Makers, Crafters, Inventors, Evil Geniuses, Scientists and Artists come together for a day of family-friendly fun and inspiration. From home-made cookies to home-made robots,... Continue Reading →

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