Zuckerberg, Brin join forces to extend life

It's really cool to see someone besides the XPRIZE foundation working on incentive prizes. Interesting that Sergey never talks about the Google Lunar XPRIZE. Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg, along with their spouses, joined Russian venture capitalist Yuri Milner to award 11 scientists $3 million each to launch the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences. via... Continue Reading →

Something from nothing? No problem.

In the early stages of the Earth's development, it was covered in many of the same elements it has now.  Water, nitrogen, oxygen, and minerals like carbon, nickle, iron and sulfur. The Earth was without life. Organic life requires much more complicated compounds which don't seem to form on their own. Biologists have struggled with... Continue Reading →

Darwin validated: Missing link found?

The TED Blog is reporting: Darwin validated: Missing link found. Today, at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, a revolutionary discovery -- one that will stand as a milestone for paleontologists and evolutionists everywhere -- was announced. Scientists based at the University of Oslo have discovered “Ida,” also known as Darwinius masillae,... Continue Reading →

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