Evadot has been around almost 10 years now and has evolved as we’ve grown over the years.

Today, we’re about Experimental and General Aviation innovations, trends, and interestingness.

Tomorrow, we’ll be about whatever is “beyond”.

The original about page for those of you have been with us since the beginning:

In a TED talk a few years ago, Burt Rutan said

“It’s not good enough to have a generation of kids who think that it’s okay to look forward to having a better version of a cell phone with video in it. They need to look forward to exploration, they need to look forward to colonization, they need to look forward to breakthroughs”

We like to explore ideas and inspire our youth.

Bold ideas.

Sometimes crazy ideas.

Stuff that is maybe a little off the beaten path.

We want YOU to be a part of the Exploration of our universe by participating in the discussion, finding truly innovative work, and working on things yourself.

Where  are our leaders? The ones who will carry us along further into space than we ever hoped? The truth is that those leaders are us. Leadership in space is now a bottom-up endeavor. It comes from those launching commercial startups, from those building backyard rockets, from those vying for X PRIZEs, from those with the audacity to chase their dreams and visions in the naked light of day, from us. We must lead because we know the future we want to build – Travis Senor on “Where then are our leaders?

Join us.

— Michael Doornbos, Founder (mike@evadot.com or @mrdoornbos on twitter)

Would you like to write for Evadot? Send submissions to editor@evadot.com

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