Avionics should be exciting. And boring.

It’s vital that an Avionics product be two things. Both exciting and boring.

Exciting in that it makes you a better, safer pilot. Makes things easier for you. Helps with the flow, and takes care of things for you. It should be upgradable in the field and able to incorporate new technologies as they come along.

Avionics should enhance your flying experience and enjoyment.

The platforms have to be relevant for a long time. Upgrading a panel is expensive and requires certified people to do it in most aircraft. It needs to play the long game well.

Boring in that it needs to work. Every time. In rain and snow. When the airplane is cold. When the aircraft is hot. When it’s wet. This isn’t negotiable.

“It cut out on me during the last flight” is a quick way to get people to throw it out the window.

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