Guest Host: Greg Harris

This was something I have wanted to write about for quite some time, but every time I started to put down words it just didn’t capture the way I felt about this very long journey that was the Google Lunar XPRIZE. It was an up and down journey for sure.

Farewell GLXP.

The Smithsonian archives article I reference 20 minutes in is: Feared Lost in Space: The focus of the Google Lunar X PRIZE

As mentioned in the podcasts, though a series of website changes of the years, many of the old post links to the podcasts were broken in server moves. They are all here as mp3 files if you’re ever looking for them.

Host: Michael Doornbos

UPDATE: We’ve remixed the tracks to try and get Greg and Michael in better sync. Back to skype for podcast recording from now on. We give up on browser based podcasting solutions.

Michael’s YouTube channel is here.

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