Evadot Podcast #106 – SolarFlare with Mikayla and Shannon

http://www.brienhollowell.com/Guests: Mikayla and Shannon Diesch

For those of you long time listeners, these two ladies were on Evadot Podcast #48 …… 7 YEARS AGO! They were in high school then and charging through life.

Turns out they never stopped charging. They are working together on a startup involving nutrition for nerds called SolarFlare.

We chat about all kinds of things from going to school to exploration of Mars.

There is an Air & Space Smithsonian Article that goes into some detail about them and you can find them here:




(If this isn’t the case for leaving my sound level meter where I can see it I don’t know what is. Sorry about the mic blow out on my side from time to time)

Host: Michael Doornbos

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