Friday Fun – Flight to nowhere with Dad

It’s been a long time since I’ve flown anywhere with my Dad, so we met and grabbed a Skyhawk from my flying club. We spent most of this morning waiting for the fog to clear, and once we got in the air it was obvious that the weather wasn’t going to cooperate in either direction we wanted to go so we just made a lazy circle out on top of the cloud layers near lake lure and turned around.

This worked out well as I wanted to test out my gopro mount and cockpit audio recording equipment. Also a bonus was this was my first flight in this airplane since it was upgraded to a 180 Horsepower engine so a quick local flight to stretch my pilot legs actually worked out great.

I actually bought a propeller filter for my camera but it’s not on the camera for this one. BECAUSE APPARENTLY YOU NEED TO PUT IT ON THE CAMERA TO WORK!!! Who knew?

I am NOT a flight instructor. Please don’t use this as instruction.

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