Are there enough ghosts in your closet?

I watched the Google I/O keynote this week and was not surprised to see people complain about projects that Google has touted in the past which are now abandoned.  Google Wave, Google Buzz, Reader (I still miss Reader), the Nexus Q, etc.

But there are some really cool things that are coming out of the Googleplex right now and SOME of them will stick.

This isn’t a commentary on which of the Google announcements I’m excited about. It’s about attitude.

When you’re doing something hard, or in the case of something like Space Exploration, close to impossible you have to try, fail, and try again.

Science works like this. Technology startups work this way. Experimental medicine works this way.

It’s a good way to work. Just make sure you’re learning from the past.

The ghosts of the stuff that didn’t work inform the new work. -Gina Trapani

As we head into the weekend, think about what your failed work can teach you about the work you’re doing now.


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