Why not?

In case you haven’t noticed, I backed away from space exploration writing and podcasting for more or less 2 years now.

I found myself getting bogged down in bad politics, disappointing announcements and overall negativity. I spent all my time asking “why?”.

When trying to do something that’s really really hard like create a private space INDUSTRY it’s easy to get caught up in “can’t”. Then a couple weeks ago two things happened…

Will Pomerantz reminded me that negativity doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

Then my son Caleb reminded me that I used to talk about inspiring kids in space because “kids don’t know it can’t be done”.

Well enough with the can’t. Enough with the “it’s too hard”. Enough with the “I can’t come up with a business plan for this.”


Starting right now we’re going to work on things that are just outside of what’s possible. The kind of work that uses prior accomplishments to build upon to make us better. I’m not talking about a faster smart phone or a new way to share pictures of our lunch.

I’m talking about the kind of things that make us look up into the sky and say “why not?”.

One thought on “Why not?

  1. 1. Those pancake molds NEVER work out for me. Let me know if you find a trick to using them successfully.

    2. Working at the edge of impossible is where all the fun things happen. Welcome back 🙂


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