I’ve spent the last 3 days at the Google Lunar X PRIZE team summit.  There have been some moves on the scorecard this week as a result of a lot of consideration to the details.

On Tuesday (the first day) I was the lunch speaker.  My talk was a little controversial, but that’s fine with me.  I had one of those weird moments that sometimes happen when you are giving a presentation to a room of amazing people.

It went something like this…

Me:  April 12, 1981.  I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing.  I was six years old, and assembling a moon explorer Lego(TM) set and watching the Space Shuttle launch for the first time.  My parents recorded the event on a VHS tape and then pulled the tab off of the back of the tape.  Anyone over about 30 remember what pulling the tab off of the back of the tape meant?

A shout from the back of the room: It meant you couldn’t write on that tape any more.

Me:  Exactly!  This was a historic moment in history in my parents eyes, and they preserved the moment by making sure that tape couldn’t be recorded over again.  It was their way of preserving their participation in this historic moment.  How many of you remember what you were doing that day?

Rob Kelso raises his hand and says:  “Sure I remember.  I was a flight director and  in mission control that day.”

Me:  Oh come on now, that’s just cheating.