Evadot and Kentucky Space think YOU can hack space

In just a little while, when the Umpa Lumpas finish manufacturing the first batch, we’re going to start offering CubeSat prototype kits for a fraction of what it costs today.

Meet Firefly

Firefly is a flexible-use printed circuit board that can serve as the basis for the brains, fuel and voice for many different applications including

  • high-altitude balloons
  • suborbital flights
  • CubeSat class satellites
  • small payloads for the International Space Station

as well as terrestrial applications such as a

  • weather station
  • robotics platform
  • remote control
  • home automation
  • education and classrooms

Some features you may like 🙂

  • solar-rechargeable
  • self-powered Command and Data Handling System
  • onboard storage
  • onboard wireless communications (70 cm HAM Band)

We’ll be taking pre orders soon at a discount to get this thing launched.  Email mike@evadot.com for more information.

Happy hacking!

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