Review: The Rocket City Space Pioneers iPad Game

The Rocket City Space Pioneers are a competitor in the 30 million dollar Google Lunar X PRIZE and they’ve just released an iPad game.

You can download the game here and try it out for yourself.

We were going to post a lengthy review, but we’ve decieded to hold off until they work on the game a little bit more.  While I love the idea of this game, it feels rushed.

I gave the game to my resident experts: my two teenaged kids for their assessment…

Both had almost identical reactions.  There was a lot of confusion about what it is they were supposed to be doing to get to the next level in the rocket level.  I heard phrases like “How am I supposed to control this thing?” and “If I tilt, nothing happens.”

My 16 year old daughter summed it up best.

“They need to look at the intro to a level on Angry Birds to get an idea of how a simple preview of the level before you start could make this a playable game. At the very least it needs in game explanations and tips.”

It’s free, so you should take a look, but I think the best part about this game is the intro video.

Also, I may be picking nits, but it really bugs me that they called it the “Google X Prize” and not the “Google Lunar X PRIZE”. I know. OCD, Michael.

I hope there’s a 2.0 version soon because the game really has potential and I want the in game art on a T-Shirt.  The city drawings are really terriffic.

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