Evadot Podcast 82 – NASATweetups and Wikis

Guests: Jon Verville, Shannon Moore, and Erin Ryan

Today we’re joined by the brains behind nasatweet.com. During the show we mention quite a few links which are all here:

Host: Michael Doornbos

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2 thoughts on “Evadot Podcast 82 – NASATweetups and Wikis

  1. I really enjoyed the opportunity to chat with you, Mike, about the work Jon, Erin, I and others are doing on the NASATweet.com wiki!

    We intended to credit Veronica McGregor (@VeronicaMcG) of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and @MarsPhoenix fame. Veronica McGregor was the catalyst for the very first tweetup at NASA way back in January 2009. As of today, NASA has held a total of 25 tweetups with three more upcoming in October 2011!


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