SXSW 2012 Panel: “How To Win Friends And Influence Space Exploration”

You’re probably not even aware of it, but there is a revolution brewing in space exploration. As Government programs wind down, opportunities have materialized for private companies and even individuals to become involved in space exploration.

Very quickly, it has become apparent that exploration and the near limitless resources of space will shift from something other people do to something many people participate in.

At South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2012 there is a panel proposal that addresses a timely and crucial issue – how you can influence the future of space exploration as an individual.

Moderated by me, Michael Doornbos, the panel includes Astronaut Ron Garan, SpaceUp Foundation founder Chris Radcliff, Space Tweep Society founder Jen Scheer, and video game expert Dennis Bonilla of Valador, Inc.

Panel Description:

Not unlike a zombie horde ready to devour red tape and uninspired project managers, this enthusiastic movement sees brains as valuable assets to take over the world. Learn why these people got so passionately involved in space, how they became good friends over the Internet, and what they’ve created to make measurable change toward a more awesome tomorrow. While established membership organizations struggle to survive, these Internet-enabled groups are flourishing with new members from far outside traditional demographic lines that are creating large-scale activities. If you don’t already know a space tweep, learn why you will.

If you’re wondering any of the following, this panel is for you:

  • Why are these groups finding success where traditional membership based groups are struggling?
  • What strategies are used to give the community “ownership” and empower them to go out and do great things?
  • I need to vanquish some ignorance & ignite some passion for exploration. How do I make my own science army?
  • How did you turn excitement about an idea into projects that actually influenced space exploration?
  • I’m not rich or bored. Where do you get the time, funding & resources to make these things happen?

We need your help!

The SXSW panels are picked by the community and then voted on. With a simple registration and your vote, you will be on your way to being an influencer of space exploration yourself.

Head over to the panel picker and show your support:

The deadline for voting is Friday, September 2nd. So, PLEASE DON’T DELAY!

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