Evadot Podcast #77 – Wow! It’s Saturn! I’ll take a side of milky way please.

Guest: Jason Kendall

Website: inwoodastronomy.org

Who says astronomy isn’t fun? Or isn’t food?

Hosts: Michael Doornbos and Haley Stephenson

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One thought on “Evadot Podcast #77 – Wow! It’s Saturn! I’ll take a side of milky way please.

  1. Giving a talk uptown this weekend…

    Solar System Exploration: What’s Next?
    A Free Public Lecture 
    July 16, 2011: 10:00 am – noon 
    at the New York City Parks’ Inwood Nature Center

    Join me as I talk about 2011’s amazing NASA missions. I’ll do an overview of the upcoming launch of the Juno mission to Jupiter, marking NASA’s return to the King of the Planets. I’ll also talk about the arrival of MESSENGER at Mercury, which took place on March 17. I’ll also give a preview of the Dawn Mission to the asteroid Vesta, which is the first spacecraft to orbit an asteroid. (The Vesta Fiesta is coming up in August!) Finally, I’ll talk about NASA’s flagship mission to Mars: Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory, which will seek out past life on Mars. Join us, it’ll be an amazing afternoon and a whirlwind of exciting news!



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