Evadot Podcast #74 – Are you passionate enough to get a kids attention?

Guest: Janet Ivey

Website: Janetsplanet.com

YouTube: youtube.com/user/janetivey

FaceBook: Janet’s Planet

Probably one of our favorite new friends here at Evadot, Janet is one of the most passionate people doing education we’ve run into.

I get a chance to encourage kids to stand in their magnificence – Janey Ivey

Traveling at the speed of thought, Janet delivers information about health, science and history on this planet and many others!
Hosts: Michael Doornbos and Haley Stephenson

Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Evadot Podcast #74 – Are you passionate enough to get a kids attention?

  1. I have to mention that my son LOVES your site, Janet. He’s 12 and found it hilarious.


  2. I choked up a little at that first part. 

    One word to sum up Janet Ivey: Passion.

    This is just great and I look forward to supporting your cause Janet.
    And as usual, Thank you Michael Doornbos and Haley Stephenson for creating a home for this dialog. 


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