We sent out the following letter to the Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams this week.

Dear GLXP Team Leaders,

Most of you know me, but a few of you don’t.  I run a site called Evadot.com and have been chronicling the GLXP for about 2 years now.

Through our many conversations, I’ve developed a firm belief that you have a unique opportunity to make this moment in time historic. One worth telling our grandchildrens’ grandchildren about. The work you’re doing has the potential to make many of our dreams come true. Space belongs to the people of the world and it’s time to give them a connection to it.

International Space Development Conference (ISDC) has approached me to help make a compelling panel of the GLXP competitors. They are looking for something out-of-the-box and unique and they’ve asked me to participate as the moderator. I’d like to further extend that invitation to you now.

The GLXP presents an interesting inspirational challenge.  I’ve been studying the Orteig prize and the Ansari X PRIZE. The best parts of those stories isn’t the technology, it’s the stories of the people involved. Since the GLXP mission will be robotic, it becomes extremely important to tell your human story so that people will feel connected. If you win the GLXP it will be your personal journey that will be compelling to people. The technology will be a distant second compared to your struggles, hopes, dreams, and triumphs.

***This is NOT endorsed by or a requirement of the X PRIZE foundation, so participation is up to you.*** I’ll be crafting this story in a compelling way that challenges people to think and act. This is exactly the time and place to do this.

Would you join me there on Saturday May 21, 2011?  We’ve got a 90 minute plenary in front of the entire ISDC audience. SpaceVidcast will also be there broadcasting live and recording for later viewing/promoting. I’ll be working to make sure this session isn’t something that has been seen before. You could help make that happen.

Here’s where you come in

We need to know what parts of this race to the moon could be compelling but aren’t being talked about. How can teams engage and excite you?

What sorts of things can we do with this race to make it something our kids are going to want to follow?

We’d love to see you at the event if you can make it to Hunstville.  You’ll also be able to watch it on Spacevidcast.com

Also, help us take a bigger team down to Hunstville to knock this out of the park.  See that donate button on the side of the page?

Use the comment form below or send email to mike@evadot.com