Legos aren’t toys, they’re dream prototype kits

When I was a kid, I dreamt about space in Lego.

Just a few months ago my pre school aged nephews challenged me to create a sustainable space exploration industry. They told me their stories in Lego.

Last year the Moonbots competition helped our next generation of engineers get ready for a competition like the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Sometimes we think toys are silly, but they aren’t.  Toys, both for kids and adults are ways to flush out ideas and dreams in the physical world. They can be terriffic learning and storytelling devices.

Lego just launched some new Space sets. Not battle police alien killers in space, but exploration sets.  This represents an interesting opportunity to shape our dreams.

Dare to dream.



5 thoughts on “Legos aren’t toys, they’re dream prototype kits

  1. Spot on Mike. I always thought that LEGO’s were overlooked in this area, but it’s nice to see that changing…a lot.


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