Evadot Podcast #58 – Full Speed Ahead with Part Time Scientists

Guests: Robert Bohme, Sebastian Rattay, Karsten Becker

Website: Part-Time-Scientists.com
Twitter: @PTScientists
Facebook: Facebook.com/PartTimeScientists

The Part Time Scientists, a Google Lunar X PRIZE Team are not deterred by several of the US based teams securing “funding” from NASA (not really funding, we clarify this during our discussion).  They’ve got a plan of their own and gaining big support in Eurpoean circles.  Plus we talk about Lego 🙂

Host: Michael Doornbos

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3 thoughts on “Evadot Podcast #58 – Full Speed Ahead with Part Time Scientists

    1. Yes, we discuss this during the podcast. In the “inside baseball” space discussions, this is understood. For everyone else in the world who’s only a little interested in Space exploration today, it’s being called “NASA Funding”. I introduced it into the discussion for that reason.


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