Top Sites for a Space Hackers Arsenal

Where does a space hacker go to keep up and gear up?  Here are our top sites to visit regularly:

Parabolic Arc – Doug does a terriffic job of always having breaking a relevant news on this site.  It’s at the top of our feed readers.

NewSpace Journal – The issues surrounding a brand new industry from finance to politics are dissected brilliantly by Jeff.

HobbySpace – While we take special issue with this site’s theme being stuck in the 1990’s and everything being difficult to find, there is a TON of really interesting content on this site.  Consider it a treasure hunt and you wont be disappointed. We’d LOVE to see this content be organized into a wiki…

Sparkfun – Are you an electronics nerd?  We’ve seen many components available from Sparkfun on Cubesats, Lunar Rover prototypes, rockets, and robots. If you’re going to move from drawing board to prototype, start here.

NewSpace Conference – Need to get the pulse of what’s happening the the NewSpace industry in person.  The annual NewSpace conference is the place.

SpaceUp – Maybe it’s cheating, since Evadot organized the SpaceUpDC unconference, but connecting all types of people from artists and kids to engineers is a huge part of people feeling connected to space exploration.  We need all types of people to contribute and SpaceUp is a terrific place to find out how to use your talents to help us create a spacefaring civilization open to all.

Google Lunar X PRIZE – So you think you can build a rover, raise money for your project, AND send it to the moon in a race?  Then this is the place for you.  But you better hurry, the competition closes to new teams December 31, 2010

What are your favorite space sites? Add them to the comments and we may add them to the list.

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