Joining Michael today is Kate Arkless Gray(@radiokate and @spacekate).  We met at last weeks Google Lunar X PRIZE Team summit.  We chat about summit impressions and participatory space exploration.

To be frank, Kate is exactly the person who can fulfill the role in an idea that this site was founded on.  She’s enthusiastic, intelligent, and capable of bringing space exploration into our living rooms and into the hearts of our kids.  She IS the Molly Wood, or Leo Laporte, or Kari Byron the tech world has and that space desperately needs. If you think so too, please do tell her.  Add her to my list of heroes:

“I only try and do the impossible”

“I don’t do things the easy way”

“…see if I can get him to change that rule.  For me.”

– Kate Arkless Gray

Follow her space adventures at

Follow her adventures in audio format  including a number of GLXP interviews on Audioboo.

Credit: Steve Lawson

Artwork credit: Julieinthewild

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