Some kids spend their weekends watching TV and playing video games.  Moonbots team “Just Ducky” plans missions and programs Moon rovers.

In preparation for the Podcast, they took the advice they found in “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy“:  A towel is one of the most useful things in the Universe.  They did the show with towels around their necks 🙂

They drew much of their inspiration from the Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Part Time Scientists.  Check out this email to them last week:

We wanted to say, “Thank You!”.  Part Time Scientists really inspired our team during the Moonbot Challenge.  Even though we did not win the competition we had a lot of fun and we now follow your team.  We admired how your team takes risks by putting out your ideas for the world to view.  We decided early into the competition we would like copy this philosophy.  Please take a moment to look at our short documentary to notice how we incorporated information from your articles about your rover wheels.  Good Luck and we will be watching!
Team Just Ducky

These kids are the next generation of scientists and space explorers. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

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