Evadot Podcast #31 – Part Time Scientists 1 year later 1 week later

Robert and Sebastian join Michael again to talk more about their Google Lunar X PRIZE team Part Time Scientists.  They reveal a number of goals that go well beyond just trying to win the Google Lunar X PRIZE like a new brushless motor and a distributed antenna network (Michael volunteered to put one on his roof)

Everyone (on our team) is more focused on finding a solution than talking about the problem. Which is absolutely great, I love it. – Robert Boehme

As always, they are inspiring and interesting.  You can follow them on their website and on twitter (@PTScientists).

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4 thoughts on “Evadot Podcast #31 – Part Time Scientists 1 year later 1 week later

  1. Yeah, I know they have taken some interest. The James Cameron video here is very sterile. I challenge you to get my 11 year old son to watch that for the entire 2 minutes. I've said before that kids are experts at spotting what's genuine and what's not. He may very well be genuine, but it sure feels like his PR person stuck him in that chair and told him to read that before he can go to lunch.I'm really looking for someone who takes it up as a primary mission to get done. Someone who is advocating it all the time. Someone who's bought into it to the point where they are generating their own content about it (not to be confused with reading a PR statement).We need to make it cool. We need people to believe.I believe the success of the Google Lunar X PRIZE could be the thing that turns the tide for the public to get behind space again. This is our time to fight this fight, and we need to leave everything out on the field.


  2. And that video is from 2007. When there were only a couple of teams and nothing but ideas to show for. We are 3 years in and a lot has happened. As we get closer to a launch date more and more amazing things will happen. Does James Cameron still know this is going on? I bet he forgot about it the day after that video. We need someone like him to shout it from the top of the roofs. Or simply put a glxp logo on googles main page for a week.


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