Space is in the spotlight today. The time for you to be loud is now.

CNN has Presedent Obama’s announcment on a new Space Vision to be unveiled tomorrow on the front page of the site right now.

Space doesn’t get to be front and center very often.  Almost never.

Timing in presenting ideas or starting a revolution is as important as the the idea itself.  To the space nuts out there:

Someone just turned the spotlight on what you care most about.  What are you going to do about it?

On Deadliest Catch last night, the late Phil Harris said several times:

You can watch things happen.  You can make things happen.  You can sit around and wonder what the !%&@ happened.  I try to stay away from number 3.


Do SOMETHING and make it loud!

We need a frontier and timing is everything.

You’ve got about 15 seconds of fame to use.  Make it count.