11 Spacy things to do during space week

It’s space week! Not sure how to celebrate?  First, it’s cake or pie or cookies for dinner every night!  Now that we’re all jacked up on sugar, here’s 11 things you can do during space week.

  1. Find and support your favorite Google Lunar XPRIZE Team.  You might even want to join one.
  2. Sponsor a Student to go on a Zero G Flight
  3. Take your kids to a planetarium.  No kids?  Take your date.  Come on, dark room, stars, no bugs and SCIENCE!  She’ll be swept off her feet!
  4. Have a telescope?  Take some kids out and show them what the moon looks like up close.  No telescope?  Try binoculars.  No binoculars? Try locating a planet or two.  Eyes don’t work?  Try radio astronomy (caution: seriously cool radio astronomy stuff on that site)
  5. Enter the Lego Moonbots challenge.  Legos and space. Come on!
  6. Build a Solar System Mobile
  7. Build a model rocket (Adult supervision required for kids and some adults)
  8. Plan a mission to Mars and act it out in your back yard. Refrigerator boxes make great space ships and Mars rovers (and no, you do not need to have kids for this)
  9. Search for ET with little or no effort on your part.
  10. You can watch Apollo 13 for the billionth time.
  11. Write your congressman and tell him/her why YOU want to see more funding and support for space programs, astronomy,  and and related sciences

Got some other suggestions? Add them to the comments.

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