Evadot Podcast #17- Joanne Manaster on inspiring our kids in science

Joanne Manaster(@sciencegoddess) joins us today for a short discussion about inspiring our youth in science.  Joanne is an former model turned science professor.  She has spent her career in science outreach.
We talk about:

  • getting kids interested in science is more simple than we think
  • science really is fun
  • Gummy bears make good laboratory dummies
  • We establish that liquid nitrogen is the greatest thing ever
  • What happens to a gummy bear if he gets blown out an airlock in space

Joanne’s website is joannelovesscience.com and her awesome youtube channel is here.

If you’re a graduate student with a great sense of humor at the University of Illinois, you should pop in to see her and help her torture gummy bears.  You know you want to.

Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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