Evadot Podcast #14 – A chat with Marcus Chown

Marcus Chown(@marcuschown) is a British Book author who’s works have appeared all over the world.  From science fiction books to childrens books, to science books about Cosmology and Quantum theory.

We chat about:

  • The Theory of Everything
  • Can I fit 1 followed by 120 zeros on a notebook page?
  • Bringing complicated concepts to the average person
  • Science is amazing
  • Getting kids excited about science

Marcus’s works are fun and interesting and it’s awesome that we have him.  His latest book, “We need to talk about Kelvin” will be available in the UK in October and available everywhere in the spring as “The Matchbox that Ate a 40-ton Truck”.

I read “The Quantum Zoo” with my kids and loved it.
Also very interesting and fun is his childrens book “Felicity Frobisher and the Three-headed Aldebaran Dust Devil

You can follow Marcus at marcuschown.com

Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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