Often the best science and technology advancements happen in garages, basements and in home workshops.  One of the most famous examples is Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, Co-Founders of Apple. They built the first real commercial personal computer in their garage.

Inventors seem to have this spirit.  You notice it right away when you meet one of them. This inventors spirit is alive and well all over the world.  The excellent MAKE Magazine covers amazing people and projects every day.

Meet Alex(@csete) of Team FREDNET, one of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competitors.

Alex wanted to listen in on the awesome LRO/LCROSS spacecraft orbiting the moon.


He built his own receiver.

From inexpensive off the shelf hardware.

In his house.

In his spare time.

Yeah, I know right? Amazing.

Some people watch TV.  Some people build high gain receivers and spacecraft in their garage.

People like Alex don’t over plan, over think, or talk about what he might do someday. If they don’t know how, they learn.  If they don’t have the money, they find it.

Today, we celebrate the Alex’s of the world.  Our hat is off to you garage inventors.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

The inventive spirit is alive and well on planet earth. Tell us about what you’re doing.