When it comes to space, it’s about getting around the obstacles

Most of the hoopla over the Augustine Commission’s findings to be delivered to the President are centered around a shortage of money to complete the current goals.  New Scientist has a good article summarizing it as it stands today.

Here’s what we’re mostly hearing around the social networking water cooler right now:

  • I’m going to lose my job
  • We can’t go to the moon/mars now
  • We’ve wasted all this money
  • The whole thing is a failure
  • There’s no hope for the future
  • We can’t even do anything inspiring without more money


We didn’t seriously think this was going to be as easy as saying: “Hey, let’s go to the moon by 2020” did we?  That the American people were just going to say okay and dump money into NASA’s lap?

If you have a serious resolve to accomplish a goal, you don’t roll over and quit when you find out you’re not going to have the money.

You find a way to do it.

This is an issue about resolve for the goal, not the money. We need to get out of this mentality of expecting huge resources to be just given to us.

If you have a goal worth pursuing and can manage to tell your story so that people support you, then money, technology, volunteers and resources will find you.

The goal is worth pursuing.  We need to buckle down and find a way.

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