It’s not terribly surprising that the committee set forth by the president to review the NASA programs has found that there isn’t going to be enough money to get to the moon. In fact, it’s worse than that. Norman Augustine, the committee’s chairman said.

It will be difficult with the current budget to do anything that’s terribly inspiring in the human spaceflight area

Wow, difficult to even do anything inspiring. That’s quite a thing to say.

As an advocate of space exploration, you have a few options with this very grim news:

You can give up.


You can seize this opportunity.

When we are met with failure or desperation, an opportunity always arises.

This is the sort of climate when revolution happens.

Thanks to companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic and competitions like the Google Lunar XPRIZE, we have a fledgling commercial space industry that just might work.

If the US Space program wont be able to go to the moon with the current plan, it will certainly be able to do something inspiring.

Grassroots campaigns can join with inventors to create new things.

The walls may be torn down, but the talent still remains.  There are always means to do inspiring things. The resolve to create a space faring civilization is still within us.

Quit your whining and wipe off that workbench in your garage. We’ve got work to do.