The US Space Shuttle team has had a tough time trying to get Endeavour into space over the last month.  A fuel leak stopped it twice and then the weather didn’t cooperate for days.

The Shuttle system is VERY complicated.  It’s an amazing engineering and operational feat that is very difficult to pull off.  It takes years of planning for each mission.

Embarking on these missions is one of the most exciting things we do as a society.

The launch was beautiful.

We just shot 7 people into freaking space at a bazillion miles an hour.

Why isn’t anyone on the NASA TV coverage excited?

Even the commentators voice doesn’t sound genuinely excited.

If I was involved in this project, after biting my nails though 5 scrubbed launches, I would have lined up a round of shots and a bunch of the controllers would be half naked with lamp shades on their heads by now.

It’s important serious work, but we should have fun and celebrate when awesome stuff happens.

Plus, lamp shades make good hats.