Are we looking in the right place for the Final Frontier?

After listening to Evadot Podcast numero uno, I began to think about the conversation that Michael and Julie had. One of the discussion points was the lack of interest in “outer-space” and space programs with the younger generations.

Why is that?

While I’m no expert on space (outside of a few Jedi mind-tricks I’ve picked up over the years), I do have a decent amount of experience on the other end of that perplexing question. I have 2 little boys, 6 and 3 years old. They meet the minimum requirement for questions asked daily, around 1 million…each. Half of which are, “why?”. Sometimes answering these takes A LOT of patience.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most patient person. I’m getting better, but it’s certainly not my strong point. Queue the other part of our parenting team, my wife. This is where she excels. Patiently answering every question that our children dole out. Often times answering with more questions, in an attempt to continue the thought process and conversation throughout the day.  We both understand that they need to explore these parts of their minds and let their imaginations go where they will.

Are we doing enough to foster the imaginative growth of our children?

To encourage them to dream and act on those dreams?


Are we spending too much time trying to “give” them a life instead of supporting the direction that it may take them into?

While my wife and I have made strides to try to understand and respond to why kids seem to have a limited potential, I just don’t think there is enough of it happening.

The strategy that has been and will continue to be used in our house is to expose them to as much as possible. To understand what their likes and dislikes are and let them make decisions. We don’t push them into anything. We present opportunities and let them decide. Sure, at their ages they still need lots of guidance and don’t always know what they want. That’s what parenting is all about.

My 6 year old already knows the planets in our solar system and in correct order. He’s also built a Conduction Detector with his Snap Circuits kit and can show how conductive different materials are. We’re off to Robot Camp next week, and in coming weeks, Huntsville, AL to tour the Space Camp and see if they want to come back when age appropriate. And oh yeah…put a wiffle ball in his wheel house and you can kiss it good bye.

A child’s lack of interest in space programs and exploration is our
responsibility.  Go out and challenge your kids to explore.

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  1. You know, I especially appreciate your wife asking questions in response to your kids' inquiries. I imagine that will train their thought patterns to dig deeper into a problem as they get older.


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