Evadot Podcast #1 – Space in Primetime

In our first podcast, Michael and Julie discuss bringing Space into Prime Time Television.Email podcast@evadot.com or leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

The link to the story about the little boy who wrote the JPL with his idea is here.

6 thoughts on “Evadot Podcast #1 – Space in Primetime

  1. Couple notes, we'll get the levels better for podcast number 2. Julie is much louder than Michael in this one. Also, we're still waiting on the iTunes submission process so you can subscribe via iTunes, we'll post that link when we get it.


  2. This is great, guys–love the podcast. Mike, the last time I heard your voice would have been about 1993, so this is a bit strange in a good way. Couple of thoughts: first I will not make a Ryan Seacrest / Uranus joke. I just will not do it. Second–and I think this is, ironically, a good example of what you're talking about re a spokesperson/communicator. I can't think of his name and I'm acutally interested in this stuff! He's been on the Daily Show a few times relatively (pun intended) recently, he's always in History/Discovery/Learning channel shows on the topic. He's an African American professor of (I think) astrophysics and/or theoretical physics. He would be great in that role. And the fact that I can't think of his name is probably very telling.


  3. NASA needs a marketing firm!Good Pod Cast!The real problem is the avg joe does not care about NASA, Space or even real science for that matter. NASA will not spend money on marketing when they don't see a market for it.By the way i LOVED the new Star Trek! J


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