I LOVE the Earth.  Especially the Oceans.

We absolutely need to take care of it. One trip down to your local river or pond will prove that we aren’t doing a very good job of it.  We have an energy problem, and we throw plastic trash everywhere. And that’s just 2 of thousands of things we need to start getting right.

I’d like to leave.

Not because I think the Earth is a lost cause, but because I think it’s essential for saving it.

We live in a very narrow band of atmosphere on a fairly small planet, circling a fairly ordinary star.  Trying to be creative in a small space is difficult and lately, it shows.

Staying put limits our thinking.  Staying put limits our opportunities.

We have “inventors block”.

Have you ever had a creative block for days and gone for a walk?  The change of scenery and input almost always triggers a flood of ideas.  If you ever try this, bring a recording device.  Really.

This would work for the problems we face here on Earth.

What if we “took a walk” as a species to cure our “inventors block”? Mars and Europa are waiting for us to stroll by.

Let’s go, and I’ll pack the recorder and the whiteboard.