One of the first things I’m often asked when talking about Evadot is

“What’s Transhumanism?”

My favorite one was “Evadot sounds awesome, but I had to look up Transhumanism”.

Sounds a little like some crazy religious idea doesn’t it?  Transhumanism means different things to many people, but for the purpose of Evadot, it’s using science and technology to enhance humans.

It’s not the stuff of science fiction at all.  People are being augmented by science and technology today in a number of ways and been doing it since the beginning of written history.

We use technologies to extend or abilities, extend our lives, replace limbs and organs every day.  Correcting our eyesight is probably the most common and widely accepted example.   We’re not just talking about lazer eye correction either.  Glasses and contacts are technologies we use use pervasively to augment our abilities and have for a very long time.

Aimee Mullins says her legs give her super powers, and I agree, they really do.

The part that becomes scary for people is when we start realizing that it wont be long before we have the capability to  enhance so much that we challenge what it means to be human.  When that happens, do we become something else, or does the definition of human change?

Now that’s an interesting discussion, but probably not one we’ll all agree on.