According to the Houston Cronicle a Scientist may have cold fusion breakthrough.

A U.S. Navy researcher announced today that her lab has produced “significant” new results that indicate cold fusion-like reactions.

If the work by analytical chemist Pamela Mosier-Boss and her colleagues is confirmed, it could open the door to a cheap, near-limitless reservoir of energy…

Well maybe.

Pons and Fleischmann claimed to have created fusion reactions in a tabletop experiment, at room temperature. Their claims of producing small amounts of excess heat — energy — in their experiments were at first met with excitement, then skepticism and finally derision as other scientists were unable to reproduce the results.

It seems that nothing has been terribly reproducible.    None the less, it’s exciting that they are excited and is a breakthrough to keep an eye on.

It might be time to call Val Kilmer or Elizabeth Shue.  They had this figured out years ago didn’t they?

Thanks to Jay for finding this one.