I came across the Conrad Foundation via @JulieFlorida this morning on Twitter. Here’s an organization connecting real world  entrepreneurial ventures with bright, motivated students.  They get to do real work solving real problems.

According to the OnSpace blog over at AviationWeek, they are looking for some help, Julie outlines it:

The Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards competition is in full swing, with 21 high-school student teams competing for more than $120,000 in grants.  These teams are developing amazing business concepts that address some of today’s most pressing global challenges.

Now, comes the real challenge –

These students need your help. This is your chance to support a fantastic educational cause and play a role in supporting the development of these great concepts.

Check out the teams and their business plans to see their next steps and help them bring their products to the marketplace.
Teams have created everything from a shoe that can power your cell phone and other personal electronics, to a Lunar Algae oxygen production system. Twenty-one finalist teams are seeking your support to create the next wave of innovation in aerospace and renewable energy. With your support, you can help them design the future.

Jump in, join in, tell your friends.  We absolutely have to support students working on ideas like energy production, robotics, and exploration.  These kids are amazing and deserve our support.