Body 2.0 – Continuous Monitoring Of The Human Body

Singularityhub (what an awesome name!) has a great article on advances in monitoring of the human boday called  Body 2.0 – Continuous Monitoring Of The Human Body

Did you ever stop to think how silly and also how dangerous it is to live our lives with absolutely no monitoring of our body’s medical status? Years from now people will look back and find it unbelievable that heart attacks, strokes, hormone imbalances, sugar levels, and hundreds of other bodily vital signs and malfunctions were not being continuously anticipated and monitored by medical implants. We can call this concept body 2.0, or the networked body, and we need it now!

As someone with a serious degenerative back injury,  I’d really love to be able to look at my laptop for a real time status of what is going on in my spine. Also, maybe my body could send me a text message if I have any weird heart rhythms,  elevated cholesterol or  blood pressure.

Hacking your body, how awesome!

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