Cmon Starship!

We almost never turn on the TV in our house. Ain’t nobody got time for that junk. But live Starship launches are an exception. They aborted, so the TV was on for like 6 whole minutes. Looks like they'll try again tomorrow and this time I even know where the remote to the TV is!

How to stay motivated on a long term project

On the live webcast with Ryan last week, someone asked "How do you stay motivated?" You can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic. Stephen C. Hogan It's an important question that I fumbled a little on camera. Turns out you can’t edit your thoughts when speaking in a live broadcast.... Continue Reading →

Evadot Podcast #115 – Alissa from Viking

Guest: Alissa Daniel Viking Aircraft Engines is a family run grassroots company based in Florida. Alissa talks with us about being a community, a little about what Viking is doing, and her new project: learning to fly. How dedicated is Alissa to Viking? Fur in Florida dedicated. Evadot Podcast #115 - Alissa from Viking Host: Michael... Continue Reading →

Airventure 2020 Cancelled

I suppose it was inevitable, but there it is anyway. I sure hope this was all worth it. From EAA: We Don’t Gamble, We Need A Sure ThingAirVenture 2020 is officially canceledMy fellow EAA’rs. It is May here in Wisconsin, and unfortunately like many of you across the country, we are still under a stay... Continue Reading →

Holding instructions

I'm the president of our local pilot's association. We were supposed to have our board meeting this evening via Zoom, but decided to postpone it for a few weeks until we can see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Our Vice President Skip, a flight instructor, responded to my email with:... Continue Reading →

Sonex Virtual Fly In

Adding to the virtual airplane workshop stuff from earlier today, there are some Sonex folks who are mourning the Sonex Fly in being cancelled. The decided to do their best to do it online. Sure, it wont be quite the same, but a community is a community and they should be together whatever way they... Continue Reading →

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